One of the most common questions we get asked is whether rustproofing is necessary. Aside from the obvious protection against rust, the treatment can also enhance your vehicle in other ways. Here is a closer look at rustproofing and how it works to keep your ride working for longer.


The longer you want to keep your vehicle, the more important rustproofing it will be. Once rust develops, it can spread quickly throughout your car, decreasing its lifespan. That can be an issue if you plan to keep your vehicle for as long as possible, or if you are planning on reselling it after a few years. Rust can dramatically decrease the resale value of a car, costing you more in the long run than rustproofing does.


Living in a country that sees a lot of snowfall each year puts your car at higher risk of developing rust. That is because of the road salt that is distributed on roads after a heavy snowstorm. While the corrosive nature of road salt is ideal for melting ice, it can also cause and accelerate rust build up on your car. A rust prevention service such as an underbody spray can significantly protect against salt during the winter months. Your vehicle is especially at risk if you park it in a warm garage and the ice melts and drips all over it. Rust forms when oxygen and moisture combine on metal and the salt accelerates that process because of how corrosive it is. 

Protection From the Inside Out

Most people don’t notice rust on their vehicles until it shows up on the body of their car. Undercarriage rust is just as – if not more – important to pay attention to though. Bolts and hardware susceptible to rust connect different parts of your vehicle together. You should keep those areas free of rust to prevent parts like brake lines from deteriorating. 

Rusting bolts could break and cause dangerous problems to develop that may end up costing you more in repair fees. CO2 gases could get inside your vehicle, causing a safety hazard. A hole on the body of your car might make it certified unsafe depending on the bylaws in your area. That means you wouldn’t be able to legally drive it until you get it fixed. 

Contact Cobra for professional rustproofing that is thorough. Our experienced technicians will make sure it is applied properly and ensure the rest of your vehicle is up to standard. Call us today or stop by our shop to learn more.