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Car Rust Proofing Mississauga

Protect your Car with Protectoil Rust Proofing

Extend your vehicle's lifetime and maintain its resale value by keeping it protected from rust. The Ontario climate can be extremely tough on vehicles. You will find that making the small investment into preserving your car or truck will be well worth it in the long run.

At Cobra, we are committed to providing excellent service for all of our customers.

rust proofing carYou don’t have to watch your car waste away, even if it has a few years under its hood. Since 1984 Protectoil rust proofing has been the choice of people wanting their vehicles to last beyond the norm. Protectoil can be applied to your car any time of the year, so do it now before salt and moisture get a foothold in your car.

Here’s why Protectoil rust proofing works so well.

Since 1984 Protectoil is the only company to treat your car using two unique products on your car.

  • Protectoil 2T is applied to enclosed areas such as the doors, the engine compartment, and the frame structure. To protect against condensation reaching the remote parts of your vehicle, Protectoil 2T creeps and penetrates the tiniest crevice sealing the metal from rust.
  • Protectoil 2T will penetrate existing rust and neutralize the decay.
  • Protectoil XB is applied to the exposed underside of your car. It sticks on: it resists road splash: it barely drips.
  • Some people believe there is one solution to the problem of rust. Protectoil knew from the start that you need two products to work in the different conditions your car experiences.

rust proofing carThe Sentinel New Car Rust Protection process is an economical way to keep your vehicle looking great. In life, there are a few one-time fixes. Rust prevention is not one of them. The Sentinel program requires you to return every second year for a maintenance treatment. Any wear in the underside application is replaced and a moisturizing product is applied to the critical areas to ensure the original coating does not harden. Your car will benefit long into the future when you protect it right away and we warranty it.

Sentinel is designed not to drip. It will set up over a short period of time. Sentinel seals your car from corrosive moisture. It will not dry or crack. Special rust inhibitors prevent rust from getting started.
A great look, peace of mind and a higher resale value are good reasons to let Sentinel make your life a bit easier.

Car undercoating and Rust Proofing Service Mississauga
Are New Cars Manufactured with Corrosion Protection?

Vehicles today are manufactured with better corrosion resistance than they were years ago. However, once paint and coatings are chipped, scratched, or punctured, this protection is compromised. Since the Ontario climate dictates that most of us drive on roads that are covered in sand, stones, and deicing salt, chipping of paint and protective coatings are common, making your car vulnerable to corrosion. Cobra provides you with the service you need so that you don’t have to watch your car waste away.

When should you get our rust proofing service?

There are two different rust proofing services Cobra provides: Sentinel, a wax-type product and Protectoil, an annual oil based treatment. Both products can be applied all year round. Sentinel is best suited for vehicles no more than one year old. Protectoil works great on all vehicles and is the only effective product for older vehicles.

Time to vaccinate your car against rust!

You invested your hard earned money into your car, don't let winter snow and salt shorten its life. Since 1984, clients have had the benefits of Cobra's Protectoil rust prevention treatment.
Book an appointment today and SAVE!

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