Automotive rust can be caused by a number of conditions. It’s quite easy for rust to form on any vehicle because the metal in cars are susceptible to it. Water is an electrolyte so in humid conditions, rust can easily develop over the metal when it’s under a cover.

Salt is another active agent that hastens the formation of rust. If your car is in contact with salt water, rust can coat unprotected parts of the vehicle easily. If you are located near the ocean or sea, there is a good chance that your car will be susceptible to rust even if you live hundreds of miles away, thanks to the salt in the air. In cold conditions, salt is used to melt ice. The electrolyte left after the ice melts can quickly rust your car when it comes in contact with the vehicle.


There is a way to protect your vehicle from rust. Primer is the secret. Paint manufacturers coat the vehicle with rust-resistant primer to protect it from rust, corrosion, scratches, dents and moisture by preventing salt from coming in contact with bare metal. If the primer is damaged, iron oxide coats the unprotected area and the part is susceptible to rust. Even in dry regions, your car is not immune.

Carbon Fibre

Modern car manufacturers use plastic materials coated with carbon fibre to protect vehicles from rust. Others use stainless-steel parts, fibreglass or plastic. But vehicles have a rough ride in winters when salt residue on roads fly into unprotected parts of the car from under. Continued corrosion or formation of rust can ruin your vehicle. Your car manufacturer’s warranty cannot help matters much because it is not a manufacturing defect. The only way to prevent rust damage in your car is by taking it to a rustproofing car professional. There are a few other preventive measures you could take to reduce salt from attacking your car.

  1. Rustproof your Vehicle: A little investment can go a long way to keep your car in good condition for years. Rustproof treatment costs depend on the type of rust protection you go for. The treatment can be permanent, liquid or semi-solid oil-based or grease-based. Rust-proof professionals will tell you which one is best suited for your car.
  2. Go Slow: Driving slowly lowers the chances of salt and debris from getting into your car or on your windshield. You will also save on gas if you bring down your speed.
  3. Distance from other vehicles: Keep a safe distance between you and the cares around you, especially the ones in front to avoid road salt dust and debris from trickling into your car. Mud flaps work well to keep out dust too.
  4. Wash your vehicle: Give your car a good wash from time to time to get rid of salt and grime. Don’t miss the wheels, nooks and corners of the hood.
  5. Plastic Protective Cover: Transparent plastic protection strips can change colour to a dull yellow over time. Consult a professional to change the strip without chipping the paint.

Cobra Car and Truck Rustproofing

Our rustproofing experts can extend your vehicles’ life span and maintain its resale value. A little investment will be well worth to protect your car in Ontario’s bad weather conditions. We provide two different rustproofing services:

  • A multi-application wax-type product
  • An annual oil-based protection for the underside of your car

Call us to find out the best time to bring us your car for rust-proofing services.